Detective E, the iPhone game (v.2)

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Case 1: The Stolen Diamond (April, 2015)

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and help Detective E to solve the case of the stolen diamond!

A small tip: why the priest suddenly started crying when he went to bring a tissue?! :)



The history of Detective

Detective Efthimis - my second attempt (January, 2012)

There is a murder in Hotel Pelopidas. The famous popstar Haidol was poisoned in her suite 301. Four people are the suspects; all have motives, all are ...tricky.

Only one detective can solve the puzzle: the laughing Detective, the famous Detective Efthimis...

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24/02/2012: Inspector Hostis, official announcement: "The first correct solution over the mysterious case in Hotel Pelopidas arrived! The winner is Antonio Rios from Peru! Congratulations, Antonio, you won a free download on the next adventure of Detective Efthimis!" 

Detective Efthimis - my first attempt (October, 2002)

Vintage: 9 years ago in a totally different technology: